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Write an article for Pennsic.Net on something you know well, and...
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This is Pennsic.Net's newest interactive forum. Now YOU have the opportunity to speak your mind or share your wisdom on an issue that is important to you... and many, many others! We are encouraging anyone who has been to Pennsic and feels that they could write an article on some aspect of this great War to come forth.


Here is a list of articles we are soliciting for at this time, including some questions/issues we feel each article should address. Your article doesn't have to answer everything about the topic -- just write about what you know best.

  • A First-timer's Guide to Land Grab
    • What to expect at Land Grab
    • What to do before Pennsic, and When
    • Tips for success (Do's and Don'ts)
    • How to resolve conflicts (allocation, personal, etc)
  • Running the Perfect Pennsic Party
    • Security, ID's, Minors
    • Aesthetics: camp size, lighting, decor
    • Safety: fires, walkways, inebriation
    • Publicizing before and at Pennsic
  • Running a Successful A&S Class
  • Viewpoints from the Top of Mt. Eislinn
    • Are the new hilltop campsites a good idea?
    • Life up top: Quieter, spacious,... lonely?
  • Security for Children at War
    • Tips for First-timer Parents
  • Cellphones and Family Radios - Have they gone too far?
    • Getting around the payphone shortage
    • Period alternatives to radios
    • "Hey buddy, can you keep that squauk down?"
  • Shopping Tips
    • How to get the best deal
    • How to find that rare, one-of-a-kind thingy
  • Life on the Battlefield
    • How Pennsic battles may differ from your local event
    • Armor care and security
If you have an idea for an article not related to any of these topics, please inquire to us using the Comment form and include the topic and a brief outline.

Criteria and Conditions

  • There is no minimum size (recommended at least 500 words)
  • Maximum size: 5,000 words
  • Pictures related to the article are encouraged!
    • Jpeg, PNG or GIF preferred
    • Max. 10 per article
    • You may also supply a picture of yourself if you wish.
  • HTML formatting is suggested but not required. Submissions can be in plaintext, HTML or Microsoft® Word.
  • Web links to personal websites are acceptable as long as:
    1. They are appropriate to the topic, or to the author's home page.
    2. The link does not point to a commercial or for-profit website.
  • Submissions become the property of Pennsic.Net, however you will be credited for your work unless you request to remain anonymous
  • All articles and pictures are reviewed by Pennsic.Net staff. Grammatical and spelling corrections will be made, however we will try to keep your article intact as much as possible.
  • Articles will not be published on Pennsic.Net if:
    • Content may be considered offensive by more than a few people
    • Content does not provide any new information over articles that have already been published
    • Content not relevant to Pennsic War, early-period recreationism or the S.C.A.
    • Sufficient articles in the same topic have already been published.
    • Article contains copyrighted material that cannot be legally reproduced/distributed on Pennsic.Net


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