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Jasmine:    and1{at} Wed Sep 1 09:53:37 2004
These guys were great at the Expo. I seriously hope they'll be back next year!
Ates:    Wed Sep 1 10:29:52 2004
they learned the dance at about 7pm the night before the expo. i know a couple of the guys were very very new dancers and this was their first performance.
Jaya Wronghand:    Wed Sep 1 14:00:06 2004
Yalla, Donallin!
Karrah the Mischievous:    Thu Sep 2 09:14:53 2004
The sexy guy on the left in front (your left, not his left) is our very own Felix of Black Skull!
Felix:    Thu Sep 2 13:41:57 2004
*blushing* Notice my belt tan....
Jeffrey & Charlotte Murray:    Godfree1966{at} Fri Sep 3 19:23:41 2004
Felix notice your tan is the most tan up there. Shake it you sexy thing.
Talia:    Fri Sep 10 13:25:28 2004
Chill, Felix... you're a hottie :)
Felix:    Sun Sep 19 17:49:18 2004
Nothing like 150 screaming women to make a guy feel good about himself. ;)
Celeste:    Sun Nov 14 19:01:52 2004
You guys were AWESOME! Loved it, loved it, loved it. And, congratulations on having the courage to go up there with so little experience (for some) and practice. You guys looked great.
Gordon:    lordgordo{at} Fri Jul 22 09:28:54 2005
Thanks for the kind words. I was debating whether to try dancing again this year for fear I might get roped into doing this again. We had just shown up for the "Belly Dance for Manly Men" class and was told we were going to be in the show.  
And thanks Felix. If I hadn't been able to follow you I'd never have gotten through. (I'm the fat guy behind you in the pic. Maybe I'm not the one they're hoping will com back. :) )

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