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Dom:    jensen168{at} Mon Aug 30 12:56:21 2004
BIG HEADS!!!!!! Thanks for your vote
Bianca:    Mon Aug 30 18:23:12 2004
Jezz and me, with my magic cup! I have no memeory of this picture being taken but it looks like we are having a good time!
Celeste:    Mon Aug 30 18:44:04 2004
You guys are smokin' hot!
Jezebel:    Mon Aug 30 20:00:48 2004
Wasn't that the night that we drank?? I could be wrong.  
And Yes, my vote is for Dom!!
ystyll:    Tue Aug 31 18:56:05 2004
Yeah they are smoking hot
Ciarán mac Cionath:    silveroak2{at} Tue Aug 31 19:27:51 2004
Extra big apologies to Jez on this one. Blue eyes have the most redeye so I could not get a good color sample to correct it more naturally
Jezebel:    Tue Aug 31 19:51:26 2004
So that's why my blue eyes are not there. I was blaming the alcohol.
Cowboy:    Tue Aug 31 21:56:59 2004
And here I thought it was just dialated pupils from bein' so -  
Celeste:    celestead{at} Fri Sep 3 15:45:58 2004
What do you mean THE night that you drank? As if there were only one!
Dom:    Thu Mar 24 18:47:10 2005
Rowan Canterbury:    rowancanterbury{at} Mon Aug 22 05:19:02 2005
They look like they are up to something, as usual.  

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