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Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 2 15:06:53 2004
By chance, I happened to be standing on the side of the field battle that the Tuchux fought on. This is Minimal Greypanther.
Bill Ahearn:    bill.ahearn{at} Wed Jan 5 07:55:56 2005
That is me, i am a little more than a minimal Greypnather!
Brian Minichino:    brian_minchino{at} Wed Jan 5 07:56:46 2005
Yes he is. He is the almighty Snow Leopard!
Animal Weretiger:    Tue Feb 15 20:34:14 2005
Um, no. That's not you. I can understand why you'd want people to think it was, but it isnt. Try again.
Darter the Confused:    Mon Mar 14 18:56:10 2005
Manfred Moyer:    Mon Aug 1 14:31:50 2005
Nice armor. I would be even more scared if.... No, I changed my mind. I'm not scared after all.
Gniewomir:    pagan1168{at} Thu Aug 4 07:59:02 2005
Don Carlos:    Thu Aug 4 13:43:06 2005
Darkness!! Darkness!!  
God Save Us!!
Piotr:    Abdul.0{at} Thu Aug 4 23:31:43 2005
Oh! Yeah!  
I hope we'll meet somewhere. Always I want to fight with Orks!
Kaspar z Czarnefgo Dębu:    Fri Aug 5 05:34:06 2005
he escape from mordor....
Tharfin:    Mon Aug 8 08:14:13 2005
Hahahaahha, i can`t stand this!!!  
This is a joke??  
The Witch King of the Angmar:    Mon Aug 8 11:44:12 2005
Look at men behind this URUK-HAI? ( Uhm... with modern arm pads and T - shirt), especially man on left side ( with red helmet and big round shield ). Are the medieval military equipments ? Well, I must say: NO! Never I seen any models like that. Please, made your equipment better next time ( and stop spoof yourself! ) and decide who do you want to play: medieval warriors or fantasy ( J.R.R. Tolkien ) warriors ( Gondor,Rohan,Mordor, Elfs, Dwarfs ?... )and do it adequately instead of mixing styles and ages. You will look much better than now.
olo:    olek1979{at} Tue Aug 9 05:30:25 2005
ludzie wyglądacie jak debile na tych zdięciach, chyba za dużo naoglądaliście się "lord of the rings" powinszować głupoty, jak to sobie przetłumaczycie to odpiszcie mi to podeślę wam kilka foto z prawdziwym rycerstwem  
Piotr:    Abdul.0{at} Wed Aug 10 01:16:03 2005
Olo wants you to translate his letter and answer.  

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