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azhrde:    azhrde{at} Thu Sep 2 18:26:44 2004
All hail Haldor the Wise!!
Miguel:    Thu Sep 2 18:46:28 2004
The patron saint of the first church of Myrontology
Myro (aka Haldor):    Fri Sep 3 07:09:34 2004
Be sure to catch Pope John Paul and I on "The Jesus Mofo Bad-Mamma-Jamma Party Plan Summer Tour", next year.  
Saint Myro
Winsor (aka Ray):    Sat Sep 4 10:16:15 2004
I worship Saint Myro!
azhrde:    azhrde{at} Thu Sep 9 17:19:59 2004
Hey, any chance of backstage passes? And if you need costume help, I'm really good at those Clorox bottle hats he wears.
Shaun:    shaunsi{at} Tue Sep 14 18:08:12 2004
Is this Myron of Nazareth who rode to Pennsic on an ass?
D'ner:    bill.hohman{at} Wed Sep 29 15:03:22 2004
i believe the ass was his own?  
oops' sorry, just wanted to say halo..
Celeste:    celestead{at} Sun Nov 14 18:51:46 2004
All hail the head of the Church of Myrontology, who's only tenet is "Don't be an Asshole!"
Michale Mariner:    Fri Jan 21 06:15:13 2005
Pardon me, do you have any grey pupon(sp?) Nice shot for a Sainthood Pic.
Cowboy:    Mon Mar 7 18:50:29 2005
Egads, - another version of the pic I framed and have hangin' on my livvin' room wall...  
You jus' ain't right m'dude...  
Rowan of the Black Fiddle (Canterbury):    rowancanterbury{at} Fri Jul 15 08:58:16 2005
And all this time I thought he was behind the sofa...hehehe

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