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Jasmine:    Fri Aug 27 10:15:17 2004
My favorite picture of the
Euric Germanicus:    Fri Aug 27 11:37:37 2004
Somehow I'm not suprised at seeing Sammy and Ian in the first picture of the album. Only thing they can do better than pose is fight.
Jasmine:    and1{at} Fri Aug 27 12:03:15 2004
Kytte Wynpeny:    Fri Aug 27 12:05:45 2004
Hey! I have some great photos of you dancing, Jasmine. Do you have an email address where i can send them to you?
Jasmine:    and1{at} Fri Aug 27 12:10:04 2004
Ooo Ooo yeah. is my email. I'd absolutely love to see them!
Jon Murphy:    Tue Aug 31 05:18:57 2004
5 acres and a shovel, that's all I have to say.
Jasmine:    and1{at} Tue Aug 31 08:04:17 2004
We'll get him to sign that paperwork. I promise. :)
Jasmine:    and1{at} Sun Sep 5 08:58:57 2004
Mom looks so smug in this picture.
John Mac Steen:    Tue Oct 5 13:35:05 2004
With good reason, Jasmine! lol
Jasmine:    Tue Oct 5 13:39:41 2004
side show :    Wed Feb 2 09:42:18 2005
there thay are had at work haha
Jasmine:    Tue Feb 8 21:39:37 2005
Ian:    Tue Feb 22 13:55:46 2005
good photo..great memories of a moment well spent...hi side show and Euric.
Jasmine:    Wed Mar 2 20:04:27 2005
Great memories indeed

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