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Bridgette:    Fri Aug 27 10:11:44 2004
East Kingdom's front door is quite impressive. But will they have a fountain next year.
Jasmine:    and1{at} Fri Aug 27 10:41:53 2004
Mid-realm was smart for taking that fountain. Their original gate supposedly burned so they needed something impressive to show off.
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Fri Aug 27 12:37:13 2004
Last I'd heard the fountain was still up for sale and not bought. The rumor going around was that the artisan wanted to display it opposite the barn, but the Coopers said no. Any truth to this?  
BTW. Where are the guards for our Kingdom Gates????  
EK King's A&S Champ AS 39
aluric:    Sat Aug 28 10:12:18 2004
I was of the understanding that the fountain was originaly destin for the Barducci encampment. (appologies for the spelling error if any)
Baron Johann of the Shadowclans:    Sat Aug 28 11:17:42 2004
Originally the fountain was supposed to go in the Merchants area by the Barn, due to policy or politics it did not. Rather than setting it up in our ShadowClans encampment, our spot not being highly visible for all to enjoy, We offered it to Casi Da Bardicci first, then after hearing no responce, there were many kind offers from well placed groups and other Royal encampments. But We are Midrealmers so the next offer went there.. they took it. As for it being for sale, that fountain was a Show Demo, and is making the circuits, you can buy one like it in many different mediums from epoxy to bronze. This year was probably the only showing at Pennsic that there will be. Thank you. Go to for other art projects.
Eve the Just:    Sun Aug 29 04:59:30 2004
As I could not make it to Pennsic this year I am interested in seeing this fountain of which you speak. does not work, could you try to post the link again?
Martel von Charlottenburg:    mrfletcher21133{at} Sun Aug 29 05:48:29 2004
Actually the site is-
Olynka the Red:    Sun Aug 29 11:53:14 2004
The East Kingdom Gate WAS quite impressive, but where is a picture of the most gorgeous thing in all of the East Kingdom----their King.  
Women were virtually swooning when he went by, no one swooned when they saw the fountain- although they did do a double take (and did wish they could go take a closer look-shame on the Coopers if they didnt let it go up by the Merchants area so people could walk all the way around it as I am sure we were all meant to do.)
Richenda:    Sun Aug 29 18:06:07 2004
I too have a (somewhat darker) shot of the East Kingdom Royal Gate (having been taken Thursday in between rain storms); mine shows guards, though.  
Our King... ah, yes. He is indeed good-looking enough to cause swooning.  
Alas, I have no pictures of him from Pennsic - only one or two rather blurry pictures from his Coronation. (And more - he's as much a gentle as he is a 'looker'. Never mind his looks; his manners and his kindness are trés extraordinaire!)
Luke Tar:    luketarr{at} Sun Aug 29 20:48:52 2004
There was a Blue Tyger fountain made for the East Kingdom. It was given to their Majesties by myself and my family as a gift to the Kingdom at SRWP but I guess it never made it. I have several that I can add to it if it is ever found. I am in the process of making a lifesize fountain that hopefully will be finish by next Pennsic.
Jasmine:    Mon Aug 30 08:11:04 2004
Can't wait to see it.
Kayleigh McWhyte, East King's A&S Champ:    Thu Sep 2 05:02:15 2004
I just sent pictures in last night that included some shots of TRM Kelson and Geneviere at Opening Ceremonies. Personally, I think they are among the best-looking Royals I've ever seen, and Her Majesty outshone His Majesty in that beautiful sideless surcote both at opening ceremonies and at EK Royal Court. :)
Brenna inghen Turgeal:    Thu Sep 2 14:35:16 2004
Unfortunatily my only meeting with his Majesty Kelson was on the battle field where he promptly spanked my on my *** and I promptly hollored "Good!" so as not to get hit there again. He died there after and we did talk for a moment or two, quite well spoken. I have since seen his picture and happily state that I was spanked by the King of the East.
Baron Johann of the ShadowClans:    Wed Mar 2 13:05:21 2005
Sorry, I'm just a lowly Baron, with no idea of .orgs or .coms. Luke Tar, we look forward to seeing your fountain, and wholeheartedly praise your efforts, see you all at 34!!
Grainne:    Celticmommy{at} Mon Jul 25 06:45:06 2005
Baron Luketar, I hope to help you with the "top half" of the Fountain soon. The heart is beating quickly as I count down to my first Pennsic, and I can't wait. Just got in from SRWP and I am counting down the days, hours and minutes till I can see the EK gates and the other sites of Pennsic!!!

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