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Bridgett MacLean - AEthelmearc:    Fri Aug 27 10:14:51 2004
I would like to congratulate the artist - who not only made this fine work, but also secured a commission for another - in bronze.
Jasmine:    and1{at} Fri Aug 27 10:39:35 2004
Wow...bronze? Is it going to be at Pennsic a coming year?
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 12:40:44 2004
This baby appeared practically overnight at the Midrealm gates. Walking past the camp a few hours after my initial pass, by torchlight, I saw the small crowd... and then this beauty.  
It was done in resin (a card with more info was being passed around), and a very memorable piece for Pennsic 33. :)
Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi:    purplellamaboi{at} Fri Aug 27 12:45:30 2004
Wow! That is an impressive sight. Who was the artisan (or artisans?) behind this masterpiece?  
And did it survive the weather?
Ruairidh Mac Cormac:    Fri Aug 27 13:27:11 2004
The artisan is Tomak, of Shadowclans.  
ruairidh, one of the Eastern MacEoghains
Slim Gypsy:    Fri Aug 27 22:45:24 2004
Amazing. The details were posted in the Independent, I forget which day, on how it was made and assembled. Absolutely stunning sight.
Baron Johann of the ShadowClans:    Sat Aug 28 11:35:52 2004
I put most of the details back on the picture of the Eastern Gates, but here's some more...Tomak is the Artist, yes it survived the weather, these resin fountains are made to last 30 to 40 years outside, and that's Northern made of bronze...our great, great, great grandchildren would still be enjoying it. As with all the different mediums this fountain is available in, you could throw coins at it until your arms fell off and you wouldn't damage it. This was a traveling show demo and not the actual item for sale, Tomak has sold one already and the bronze one is in the works. Please go to for more details. Thank you
Martel von Charlottenburg:    Sun Aug 29 05:51:38 2004
katya:    cindleap{at} Sun Aug 29 11:07:50 2004
Sitting at the food court, we saw a truck pull through with all these pieces and parts. We wondered if it was part of an entrance gate and tried to guess what some of the shapes where. This was absolutely amazing and wonderful! VIVAT to Midrealm for sharing this wonder with the Known World!
Richenda:    Sun Aug 29 17:56:38 2004
Yes, it survived the weather well! IF ONLY I had the money... and if my city allowed such stuff on our lawns. LOL  
It was truly gorgeous!
Alianor de R:    Mon Aug 30 12:20:44 2004
Add me to the list of Very Impressed People. I was very grateful to the Midrealm gate guards who were willing to let folks come in to take a closer look. I was convinced that it was really marble until I got right up close.
Brenna inghen Turgeal:    Thu Sep 2 14:42:08 2004
Tomak and many of the Shadow Clans are amazing Artists and Engineers. We have them to thank for many of the wonderful sights we see about Pennsic from Tomak's new Fountian, Shadow Clans Gate and wrought Iron Sigil, to the wonderful Castle we fight in each year. I hope they continue on in all their craziness and keep bringing us new delights to see each year at war.
Lady Maryette Rhianna Cantrell:    sheba65{at} Fri Sep 3 22:45:58 2004
You gotta' love Pennsic! What will they think of next? Beautiful work!
John Mac Steen:    Tue Oct 5 13:38:36 2004
And it was even more impressive "in the flesh"! When I first saw it I had to pick my jaw up off the dirt! Wow!

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