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Dustyn McGroyne:    Fri Aug 27 09:42:25 2004
Faundel McGroyne, one of my kin made this along with a fully researched armor kit. If you think this is spiffy you should have seen the entire thing. Beautiful work - and its combat ready not just for show.
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 13:15:36 2004
Does this talented friend have 2 names? His entry paper was:  
Nakozawa, Ichiro Kosemaza, Atlantia:  
(Japanese Helm)
Faundel McGroyne:    tlast{at} Fri Aug 27 13:54:53 2004
Yup. Nakazawa Ichiro Kagemasa is my "stealthy, can be announced in court should the occasion arise" name. Most folks know me by Faundel (or just Todd), though.
Kayleigh:    Fri Aug 27 14:10:30 2004
So how did you make this? Which period was it? I didn't get the chance to read the research, but it definitely caught my eye... Totally cool, and hope to see a pic of you in it! :)
Faundel McGroyne:    Fri Aug 27 16:56:51 2004
Except for the last lame on the back (16ga), it's all 12 or 14 ga cold-worked steel (no forge), each piece of the top was individually cut and shaped, then welded together inside and out (one of the changes I made for SCA combat - I only have one head and I'm not really comfortable with rivets just yet). The outer welds, I ground to a cleaner "stripe". The face is the same 14 ga with the following pieces being seperate: Top of the eye/forehead, each ear, nose, rest of the eyes and jaw. The gold details on the face is chisel-chase and raising work. The lames (shikoro) are all laced onto the helmet, albeit a bit closer together than would have normally been - again a concession for rigidity and conforming to the SCA standards. I then shot the whole thing over with 3 coats of primer, 3 coats of Rustoleum black "lacquer", hand painted on the gold accents and 3 coats of gloss finish. Oh - the inside is painted gold as well. Then I laced it all together. The chin strap I braided together using a square-knot braid and tied into the helmet. Lastly I added the mustache. I used small sections of horsehair attached with a black silicone gasket material which I hoped would be strong enough to withstand the rigors of our combat with little replacement. Then I trimmed it to the shape there. This was my first attempt at a Japanese helmet, my second helmet ever and my 4th-ish piece over all. It probably most resembles a 14th or 15th century piece.  
Most of what I had for documentation (I gave credit where credit was due on the hard-copy, too) I got from . Effingham-dono has done a luuudicrous amount of research that I'm eternally grateful for.
Faundel McGroyne:    Fri Aug 27 16:58:50 2004
Oh! There'll be some pictures of me wearing it sometime in the near future. As soon as they're available online, I'll put a comment in here.
Effingham:    ajbryant{at} Tue Aug 31 06:13:46 2004
Not too shabby. I particularly like the gold on the ribs. No one seems to do that. Pity. :)  
Daniela Schwartzhaupt:    Tue Aug 31 07:10:04 2004
Absolutely wonderful work I had heard you were working on it but never got the chance to see it. Mega Wonderful.  
Faundel McGroyne:    Fri Sep 10 09:00:21 2004
As promised, link to pics of me wearing the whole getup.

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