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blind hammish:    Fri Nov 12 21:56:14 2004
it looks like an tir must have sent some good weather with thier crew
Calvert:    CalvertdeGrey{at} Tue Jun 7 18:36:24 2005
The green pavilion in the center is the pavilion of House Lion's Tower in Ęthelmearc. We were in the worst of the water. To the left is the Kingdom of Atenveldt. To the right is the Barony of Carillion (East).
Caterina della Pieri:    schoenb{at} Sat Aug 20 21:02:15 2005
Wow! -- and with just a li-i-t-tle stretch of the imagination, that blue boundary-thingy to the left could be taken to be a handy canoe, tethered to its mooring..... :-D

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