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Dana Tweedy Karl Rasmussen of Tvede:    reddfrogg{at} Sun Sep 26 09:58:20 2004
"Here on Gilligan's Isle..."
sideshow bob:    Thu Jan 20 07:24:26 2005
perfect day for mudsliding
Hawke:    Tue Mar 8 11:55:59 2005
Ah, the Pennsic mudbath! I finally took off my shoes, and went bare foot.
Mary Rose:    Thu Jun 9 17:38:03 2005
This picture is the back of "lake Atenveldt". Much of the water had receded at this point.  
Avery the Farseeing:    Sat Aug 6 10:58:44 2005
SCAdians are tough as nails! We'll fall out and have fun, come what may.

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