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duncan:    Sun Sep 26 22:17:59 2004
HA HA HA oohhhh that is my tent right there i loaned it out to a nice lady from Arizona I had to set it up again and mop it out when we got home GIT ER DONE
Bjorn :    Mon Sep 27 22:36:17 2004
we felt so bad when we saw our neighbors in the middle of the 'lake' !
Visc Lore:    Wed Oct 6 11:51:27 2004
and this lady from Arizona appreciated the loan, and felt VERY badly about not being able to return the tent in better condition ;-) but you saw what we were up against.
Dulcy:    Fri Oct 8 22:05:40 2004
Yikes. Well, this does indeed look like a sucky situation. Good lord.
Stormrider:    Sat Jan 1 15:22:25 2005
When the 'getti floods like this, I pity the swamp and bog campers
arielle:    Sun Feb 13 13:45:02 2005
That's why we camp on the top of a hill. all the water goes down
Amanda (who camped in the bog):    Fri Mar 25 03:03:58 2005
Yup. *sigh*
Connor:    Thu Jul 7 12:27:39 2005
I live in the swamp near the family swimming hole...the creek (more like river after the rain) usually is about 15 feet from my tent and came within 3....but other than that, I survived with only garb that looked like it went swimming on it's own!

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