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Maelinx:    Sat Sep 25 18:58:09 2004
Oh my! Where's an Ark when you need one!
Raven:    Tue Sep 28 01:28:22 2004
Lake Atenveldt. (We all live in a yellow viking boat, Oi!!!)
Visc Lore:    Wed Oct 6 11:43:39 2004
Hey -- this was taken from just about the front door of my tent! This is what I saw when I woke up Saturday morning; great fun ;-) However, we had LOTS of wonderful folks stop by to help us out, and the camp really pulled together to help each other, and we have great stories to tell.
Maelinx:    Thu Oct 7 16:03:47 2004
Oh, stories! Are you going to post any of the great flood on Alexander's stories page? Please do . . .

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