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Red O'Malley:    jbarry5{at} Wed Sep 1 18:27:42 2004
Cabin Boy Bran! That is not your wife!!!!! ;-)
azhrde:    azhrde{at} Wed Sep 1 20:02:20 2004
This guy had some of the coolest garb I saw this Pennsic. He might have thought I was a freak because I'd always check him out, but I'm really just a seamstress that appreciated the textures and colors of his clothing.
Red O'Malley :    jbarry5{at} Thu Sep 2 12:26:44 2004
He is one of the reasons Raven Spittle always looks so good. Bran has made me some amazing garb!
Krieger:    tyrantatheart{at} Thu Sep 2 21:39:02 2004
Ya know, I was checking him out all the time too.  
Nice legs….Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  
Oh, and nice garb too.  
Oh, and Amy aint so bad to look at neither.  
Red O'Malley:    jbarry5{at} Fri Sep 3 05:15:37 2004
Krieger! ;-)
Cherish McGroyne / Samira Shuruk:    Wed Sep 8 11:21:59 2004
oooooh, Amy and Bran, two fine looking and lovely folks. Yes, Bran's garb is always worthy of checking out, as is Bran himself, and his gorgeous wife and their shipmates and their ship...

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