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Ciarán mac Cionath:    silveroak2{at} Mon Aug 30 18:37:01 2004
Ahh, some of the finest dancers may be found with 3 skulls
oddveig:    ravenne13{at} Tue Aug 31 13:55:25 2004
her hair is so beautiful, wow!!!!!
Incredulous:    Tue Aug 31 14:13:24 2004
Nice. Really. No, I mean it. Very period. Uh huh. Love it. No, Really!
Hilary:    Tue Aug 31 21:43:15 2004
This is Lady Imbriana Della Luna of House Three Skulls at our Prisoners of Pennsic party. She is a truly beautiful dancer and it has been an honor to dance alongside her.
DeSuavé:    desuave_cristo{at} Wed Dec 8 22:50:42 2004's the lovely Imbriana!! She is such a doll! And a gorgeous dancer - I loved drumming for her and the rest of the dancers at the three skulls prisoner's party!
Xaviar:    Xaviar7{at} Mon Mar 14 17:02:48 2005
Lady Imbriana Della Luna of 3sk  
what a mouth full no wonder she has me call her  
Serrena Romano:    Mon Apr 11 18:24:18 2005
Ah, the lovely Gypsy.(Yes, most everyone calls her Gypsy) Such a wonderful dancer.It's always a pleasure to see her dance whether it be Pennsic, at local event or at one of her fabulous home parties.
imbriana a.k.a. gypsy:    Tue Apr 19 15:17:33 2005
you guys make me blush, thanx!!!
Ian of the Breezy Kilt:    Thu Jun 23 21:17:01 2005
Hey I remember her, she gave me and my friends the invite to that stuff. Nice hair :)  

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