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Galinda:    Sat Jan 15 18:08:57 2005
Great shot...I have never seen the likes of this before! A friend of mine was sharing her Pensic experience with me. After checking out this photo I can't wait to go!
Fox:    norseraider314{at} Mon Feb 21 13:48:22 2005
Thats Ishihara in the black and gold and Diarmuid in grey tabard both of the Markland Army  
Us, the Horde, and Aethelmaerc had a blast holding that bridge.  
we owned that bridge last year.  
HUZZAH to Markland, the Horde and Aethelmaerc
Phaelen MacLear:    dpf1{at} Fri Mar 4 12:46:44 2005
Damn .. look at that pretty Black and Gold out in front .. ain't that always the way though?

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