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Ryan...:    chevelleryan70{at} Fri Aug 27 14:00:23 2004
woooooo! house Isenfoust!...
Jasmine:    and1{at} Fri Aug 27 20:31:49 2004
The gnomes in the can't get much better than that!
Orianna:    orianna{at} Mon Aug 30 08:23:48 2004
Valentin Von Lieme:    wchasr{at} Tue Aug 31 04:19:43 2004
Yup, Highrafters, Home of how many houses? Isenfoust included as Jr. members. That's even me sneaking back from the Porta Castles (without my site token! GASP!)  
V. Lieme (Liam the Lost)
Silverlocke:    damesilverlocke{at} Tue Aug 31 08:26:01 2004
Wow!! nice shot of our gate!! It's even got the whole crew in the boat! (some of them were gnome-napped during war)  
Jasmine:    and1{at} Tue Aug 31 09:35:55 2004
I thought it was hilarious...where did you find gnomes like that?
Valentin Von Lieme:    wchasr{at} Wed Sep 1 06:26:14 2004
Not sure but did you notice the front one was solar and lit up at night? Very cool! The Gnome Knapping could have been done better I think! Hint hint!  
V. Lieme (Liam the lost)
gnome patrol: Sun Nov 28 16:53:34 2004
those gnomes are in danger. they are afraid of heights.
Tortured Thommy:    TGodz{at} Thu Apr 21 00:37:29 2005
<clicking heels together>There's no place like Gnome, There's no place like Gnome, There's no place like.....

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