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Kayleigh:    Fri Aug 27 09:09:35 2004
Please stand by… Documentation of each artist, artist’s kingdom, and entry name are here but not ready yet. More pictures will be coming on Mon, 8-30-04.  
Thank you for your patience.  
Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 12:48:15 2004
At Left:  
Master Cariadoc, West Kingdom  
Folding Chairs  
Lalah the Tailor, Trimaris  
Mary Queen of Scots Gown & Hat  
((Photo unavailable, right:  
Lady Aurora, Trimaris - Puchi Dai (Small Stand)  
Baroness Lakshmi Amman, East - Metalworked choli and badge))
Isabella de Craon:    isabella1215{at} Mon Aug 30 08:00:21 2004
I am always awed, humbled, and inspired by the artists and artisans of the Society. What a display! This comment applies to every item shown here, and all the other A&S creations I saw while walking around at War.

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