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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Aug 27 13:26:01 2004
Turlog, Aethelmearc:  
(Work in Progress)  
* Silvermount drinking horn  
* Blown glass decanter
Lady Richende de Bevilacqua, Atlantia:    ladynoire1013{at} Tue Aug 31 20:33:12 2004
Sadly, I think the blown glass piece at the right is the piece that was accidently broken during the display. I remember hearing a crash, and the deep intake of breath from everyone in the barn. My heart goes out to the gentleman for his loss ....  
Lady Richende
Kayleigh McWhyte, East:    Wed Sep 1 18:01:19 2004
I don't recall hearing the crash, but I feel for the lord - it's a shame that the picture here is all that may be left of the glass bottle.  
I have seen other glass works out on the display tables in the past, and know that usually said fragile items are carefully observed by their respective creators. I have a friend who also protects her work, especially if it involves toxic or otherwise hazardous pigments, by covering it with a transparent fiberglass box.

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