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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Thu Sep 2 15:13:02 2004
Lady Kayleigh McWhyte, East  
EK King's Champion of A&S, AS 39  
Sagittarius scroll for Ld Artemis le Beau  
Based upon the Vienna Codex (Black Hours)  
Lady Maryette Rhianna Cantrell:    sheba65{at} Sat Sep 4 16:58:04 2004
Fabulous! As Usual, m'lady.
Kayleigh:    Mon Sep 6 15:55:45 2004
Thank you - Artimis has been especially patient in allowing me to display his scroll as I finish it in-between mundane necessities. Ordinarily my work is not turned in incomplete, however, things did not work out that way this time, and packing for a move is slowing things up.  
Artie is also a fan of the online comic strip 'Sluggy Freelance'. Fans may recognize that the drolleries of the lop rabbit, the ferret, and to a degree, the man with the crossbow in the foliage all bear similar resemblance to certain characters. The artist, Pete Abrams, has also been notified of the hidden tribute to his work, and has agreed to sign the back for a further gift to Artimis, once this is completed. :)

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