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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Thu Sep 2 20:34:48 2004
Lady Eleanor atte Knolle:  
Applique Heraldic Banner
Kayleigh:    Thu Sep 2 20:40:50 2004
Photo not shown, left:  
Lady Samarah, Caid:  
Palestinean Embroidery  
Photo not shown, far left:  
Bryn Eleinor nic Nearchdainn, East  
EK King's Champion of A&S, AS 38  
* Embroidered blackworked gloves  
* Mantle  
Baroness Rainillt, East  
EK Queen's Champion of A&S, AS 39  
Embroidered shirts  
Joseph van der Cullen, East  
Doublet and breeches

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