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Althea DeGrimm of House Three Skulls:    Fri Sep 3 15:38:32 2004
Oh, that *is* pretty!
Kayleigh McWhyte, East Kingdom:    secretscribe1{at} Fri Sep 3 16:29:27 2004
Thank you. The Illumination is by one of my students from Drake University for Courtly Kingdom Scribes (which Althea there is also a part of), aka D.U.C.K.S., or "Duck U." for short. ;)  
The workshop was founded in the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn (heraldry includes a big white duck) about 4 years or so back, at a time when I'd thought there were less scribes around here....  
This was among the scroll blanks done as a gift from our little group to HRM Geneviere, in honor of her French persona. The following one is also by one of my students. :)  
Illumination is by Lady Chiara Lucia di Nicola  
Calligraphy done on-site by Lady Kayleigh McWhyte (me)  
Illumination from Duc de Berry... (Tres Grande Heures)  
Cadell (capital B) from Mira Calligraphiae monumenta.
Greggery the Beerded:    Sun Sep 5 21:45:54 2004
You have an excellent hand Milady. Lady Chiara's work is beautiful as well.

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