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Robert:    Mon Aug 30 22:22:49 2004
Hey who's attacking the gate East or Middle. It took all week but this was the only battle that I got bruised in. thought it was not a lack of trying
Alicia McGroyne:    jyhull{at} Tue Aug 31 11:57:19 2004
You know I'm not exactly too sure who was attacking the gate, I didn't get to see the whole battle except to take a few shots as I was walking up to the archery field....anyone else know?
Seamus mac Dubghaill:    Fri Sep 3 04:27:00 2004
Well I'm going to take a stab at it and say that this is the Middle's attack, I might be wrong but judgine by the yellow tabard on some or the fighter I believe they are from Drachenwald who was allied with the Middle, and I believe I recognize a couple of people in the other picture

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