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Another Excellent Old Fighter Lady :    Thu Sep 9 14:51:59 2004
This is Her Excellency Serjeant Baroness Roxanne of Bloekmedwe (aka Radegunde, MKA Rosanne) from the Barony of Northwoods, Pentemer, Middle Kingdom. This is on Monday of the war. She came back with 2 broken ribs. Our unit fielded 3 women over 46 years of age that day!
Thorwulfgaer Uvearkaller:    Thorwulfgaer{at} Fri Sep 10 23:37:24 2004
aye and a great lady she is.I raise my bloody sword to ALL females who show the prowess of the balde on the field,truely we are Honored to have such fiesty,battle hardened ones on the field.ODIN shall watch them and glory to them who fight by our side!!

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