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Roomie:    Fri Sep 3 20:11:04 2004
I call this one " CHARGE ! "
Rhys:    ryskien{at} Sat Sep 4 16:50:43 2004
Heh, I forgot this pic got taken. That is me on the left and Magnus on the right, guard duty can be fun at times.
Roomie:    Sat Sep 4 18:35:48 2004
Ah yes, the "soulless ones". Thanks for posing.
magnus:    Thu Sep 9 09:43:48 2004
really Im not bored, just in deep thought " about not being on guard duty....."
Sir Dilan:    Fri Sep 10 12:06:16 2004
That is the Midrealm North Oaken Army, specifficly the Barony of the Middle Marches - the man in front is Ser Nikolas, Norht Oaken Army Commander.
Mira:    jena2069{at} Tue Sep 14 08:43:11 2004
Hey...I know those two....nice....:-D
Redric:    benjamin09613{at} Sat Jan 29 13:56:11 2005
Do these comments go with this picture? I don't see Magnus or Rhys anywhere in the picture. Can somebody help me out here?  
Tigernach:    Tigernach{at} Fri Apr 1 16:39:20 2005
I see Greater Vexillarius (Specifically Sir Dilan's Squires : Vex "Mountain and Stars" with the Chalice escutcheon) And House Hertford, specifically Cellach, with the lozengy roundshield)

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