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Roomie:    Fri Sep 3 20:12:41 2004
I think the fighter in green is dead.
argyl:    Fri Sep 3 21:22:07 2004
A mix of Teaglach and Red Hand moving in here
Rhys:    ryskien{at} Sat Sep 4 11:49:39 2004
The one in the left foreground in the 'puuuurty' red and black armor is Kavik, one of the three chieftans of Teaghlach. And yes, the squire looks dead. Fighter in black armor with the black horse tail is Tyr, another Teaghlach. The shield Tyr is using is mine...sad when you have a shield and weapons that have seen more battle time at Pennsic then you have.
Bosk:    Sat Sep 4 21:21:29 2004
You are correct. That is how I feel about my spear this year. :)  
Just behind Kavik, I think that is Nivek's head and it is possibe that in front of the man in green is Redrick each of Teaghlach.  
The man on his knees in red with the polearm is Kahlindor, leader of The Band of the Red Hand.
magnus:    Thu Sep 9 09:49:24 2004
I wonder who made such beautiful red and black magick suite of armor? oh... I did ....dead squire....!!!
Sir Dilan:    Fri Sep 10 12:32:39 2004
I'm the guy with the mountain and stars shield - the guys standing behind me kept trying to tie my sword arm - not realizing I'm left-handed...  
Though that picture makes it look like he is just going to whack me from behind! :)  
That was a cool fight!
Redric:    Benjamin09613{at}hotpop Sat Jan 29 14:00:22 2005
Yes! Those are my pretty legs in the very bottom right of the picture. From the position of my shoulders, I think I am hitting this guy from the other side also.  
Damien of the March:    DamienAWright{at} Fri Jul 29 18:16:31 2005
That guy killing the squire looks really cool!

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