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D.B.:    freegade{at} Sat Sep 11 21:49:49 2004
thats House Three Skulls in the red black and green tabbards there in the middle. im the one with the leather flap on the back of my head. the blue dot in the middle of us is joe. it was his first time.
Sterling De La Rosa:    sterlingdelarosa{at} Mon Sep 13 08:55:50 2004
Middle of the Field over were Three Skulls are ...  
That there is what happens when BLACK LANCE AND SILVER LANCE get hungry for some red tape...  
Iron Lance can up hard and fast to attemp to smash through us ... But instead founds themself surrounded and squish and soon they were looking up from the ground wondering what happen.  
At the point two man back from the Blood Guard (I believe to Be Duke Andres) Is our General Baron Lawrence.  
Emmiken:    Tue Sep 28 06:49:45 2004
...and those are definitely fighters from Lochac in the foreground.
Jenne:    Thu Nov 18 13:28:57 2004
Yeah, That is Duke Andreas of Bloodguard. You can see one of the four white mullets on his tabbard, and the sleeves of his fighting houpe are white, which means it is one that I made for him...

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