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Sorcha:    Sorka80{at} Mon Aug 30 16:11:17 2004
Cool gate pic. Which gate is this?
Kythe, Jester of Stonemarche:    Wed Sep 1 05:39:05 2004
Man, Look at the top of that gate... be careful. The dog bites.
Gunther Arnbach:    Wed Sep 1 12:56:11 2004
Clan Kindred, if I remember correctly..
Wolfgang:    Wed Sep 1 17:33:54 2004
Yep, Clan Kindred of the Wolf. Right around the corner from us on E31
Eoin:    Fri Sep 3 18:37:07 2004
The morning after - it's a statement unto itself - forsake hope all yee who enter - a wee bit o' smoke would hvave been a good accent - I like it.
Little Kender:    Sat Sep 4 10:39:59 2004
The buttresses and wolf gargoyles are new this year. The female wolf on the right has quartz teeth but they were painted over. There is usually at least "a wee bit" of smoke rising above the gate, from our campfire.
Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 2 07:21:50 2004
I have never taken many photos down this way. I think next year I will spend less time shooting "customers" and more time just wandering and taking photos of camps/people at random. I know I neglected a LOT of areas this past year as far as coverage goes. I guess the reason I did not shoot too much down by the stream is the close neighborhood/private feel to it. I just didnít want to offend anyone.

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