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Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 2 12:40:56 2004
Four of the McGroyne Mercenaries, from left to right, Moon, Raven Abbot, Huggin and Faundel pose for portraits. These guys are some of the most friendly and funny folks I met!  
Piotr:    Abdul.0{at} Thu Aug 4 07:13:48 2005
This is really medieval reenacting or only joke?  
If it's really ,Gentlemens, more respect to the history, please!  
You haven't enough money? I don't believe  
To comparison visite this website, please!
Kaspar z Czarnego Dębu:    ragnal{at} Fri Aug 5 05:32:14 2005
Jesus !! This is history ?? you watch to much Conan the barbarian etc...  
Read some books.... watch some pictures...  
your chlothes are realy awful...
callidore:    Mon Aug 22 02:14:52 2005
real life soldiers, in person, also the funniest crew in existance. M*A*S*H has nothing on these guys.

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