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Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 2 12:50:00 2004
A very nice and also interesting fellow, Slim Gypsy is quite an interesting character to meet.
Slim:    Wed Nov 3 16:54:50 2004
Holy crap, scared myself...clicked on this to check out more of your (excelent) photo's darter and damned if my mug doesn't pop right up! Sheez... I like this pic btw, I don't look as stoned or drunk :P
jessica:    bar_maiden{at} Sat Nov 6 22:36:09 2004
*giggles* Darter, You really know how to capture the beauty of a soul.  
Slim, what a beautiful soul to capture.  
Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 9 10:12:08 2004
Jeeze.... I just read what I wrote...nothing like using the same word TWICE in the same sentance!
Solange` de Felidae:    Sun Nov 21 09:23:00 2004
I can also highly recommend that anyone who is interested in one allow this man to read your cards... spot on and uncomfortably accurate... that and he is one of the most interesting people to chat with you will ever meet. Great guy.

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