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Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 2 12:57:02 2004
Late at night a heavy fog rolls onto the grounds of Pennsic. I stopped to take this photo and then continued on my way. Seconds later, the silence of the evening was shattered as I walked full tilt into the metal gate barring the end of the street. I just didnít see it in the dense fog!
Brigit:    BrigitofBergental{at} Thu Jan 6 22:32:47 2005
This is a fantastic picture. I can't come up with words to do it justice.
bridget:    darkfaerygrrrl{at} Thu Mar 10 19:12:33 2005
WOW! This is a wonderful pic. It looks as though it comes straight out of a storybook.
Lady Alana:    Tue Aug 2 17:25:57 2005
This picture "says" in better words than I could ever express what keeps me comming back to Pennsic year after year! The Mystery...The Intrigue, beautiful!

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