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Darter the Chronicler:    Tue Nov 2 14:59:20 2004
Why this is my little one. She had her face painted by a talented artist in the Market is here attending the juggling class at the Coxcomb Academy. She doesn’t have a Pennsic name yet as she just can’t decide what she wants. I call her Splanderposki but that just isn’t going over well…
Solange` de Felidae:    Sun Nov 21 09:27:48 2004
This is my little one, Jessica. I was kept busy this year showing her around and waiting while she attended class and watching over her while she played at the playground with the other children. It was so wonderful to see the Pennsic world through her eyes ...we had a wonderful time exploring and trying things like thrown weapons and taking improvisational comedy together. I am so glad she loved it and wants to return.  
Now if she can just find a name…  

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