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Sophia:    Mon Aug 30 12:21:42 2004
Miguel and Zach from House Bloodjack. Zach is the cutest little boy in the whole world and makes every Pennsic even more fun! You should see him with his little sword and bow and arrow. Just don't mention 'Wulf's Den'.
Bianca:    Mon Aug 30 13:28:05 2004
Look at you Zach! What a sweetie and a damn fine archer to boot! Oh ya and his Dad Miguel to!
Miguel:    Tue Aug 31 17:44:05 2004
Zack doesn't take a bad picture. However the last good picture of me was when I was his age. Good thing he's in the picture or it wouldn't be worth lookin' at
Sophia:    veil12{at} Wed Sep 1 13:34:46 2004
Hey Miguel - do you know how to get a hold of Funny/Bouzouki Joe? We never got a chance to exchange info and that guy owes me money!!
Thorwulfgaer Uvearkaller:    Thorwulfgaer{at} Fri Sep 10 00:34:01 2004
what a great pic,he is a great lad.even better he is of the wulfs den.what a great camp!

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