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Angela :    Mon Aug 30 11:44:23 2004
I believe this is the one that glowed in the dark (VERY cool)!
Sorcha:    Sorka80{at} Mon Aug 30 16:12:33 2004
The Mines of Moria gate rocked!
Effingham:    Tue Aug 31 05:41:48 2004
Yeah, it's pretty. But it belongs at an SF or fantasy con, not in the SCA. Last time I looked, Middle Earth wasn't part of the medieval milieu.
Robert: :    Tue Aug 31 11:09:21 2004
I realey love this gate.The gate of Moria. It did glow at night. It may be fantasy but the time and effort put in to it was worth it. I came apon it one night while I was out for a walk, looking for some thing to do.  
Agnes de Bennington:    Tue Aug 31 13:01:24 2004
Oh my, it is beautiful!!! True, dear Effingham, it is not period - but then again neither are the Tuchux, Pink Fuzzy Bunny, sunglasses, golf carts ... you get the picture.
Kendrah:    Wed Sep 1 12:35:42 2004
Because pennsic is totally period, haven't you seen the sheet wall and nylon tent tapestries.
Mordread:    MordreadMDrakos{at} Thu Sep 2 20:04:15 2004
it is gorgeous. Many times I would walk over from Haven to look at it ... as for period or not, there is a lot I saw that is not period, but over all add to the flavor and excitement of what Pennsic is.
Bouzouki Joe:    mohdatoe{at} Fri Sep 3 07:55:10 2004
No lie, i was trying to take this picture and some giant squid like monster rose up out of the lake and tried to eat me!  
True story. <nods>  
I thought it was an excellent gate.
Sabine:    Fri Sep 3 14:06:58 2004
It's beautifully done. A thing of beauty should be looked upon for what it is - a thing of beauty. To whom ever took the time and effort to create this gate - congratulations! You've done well.
Eoin:    Fri Sep 3 18:28:17 2004
Next year's picture - at night by torche light
Roomie:    Sat Sep 4 18:45:47 2004
to Angela > yes, it did glow.  
to Eoin > If Bouzouki Joe doesn't beat my to it, next year I'll try to take a nighttime timelapse pic of it.
elizabeth:    Sun Sep 5 18:10:26 2004
wow!!! That must have taken a long time to do!! It may not be period but it looks good!!
Aodhan:    Tue Sep 7 19:44:39 2004
When I came upon it at night, glowing, it definitely had the ability, to suddenly transport me far from the 20th Century to a place where honor, prowess and magic were real. That's probably closer to what it must have felt like to actually live in the Middle Ages than we can usually achieve by daylight. Though it was definitely an out-of-place whimsy, for me, it it conveyed, in a instant, a moment of the emotion and feelings about another time and place that I joined the SCA to find.
Deirdre:    deirdrebp{at} Fri Sep 10 11:17:33 2004
I heard about this gate after Pennsic. I walked a bunch, but I did not come across it. I would have loved to seen it at night.
Michael Gyrfalcon of Elden:    michaelgyrfalcon{at} Mon Sep 13 20:58:36 2004
Gregor DeMere makes the most amazing and imaginative gates. We are fortunate to have him represent Silver Phoenix and Estmar to the people of Pennsic. After 3 decades of Pennsic history we entrust our gate to none but the BEST. Gregor is one of a kind, and we are proud to call him OURS!
Katerina Hereksdottir:    katerinahereksdotttir{at} Wed Sep 15 05:12:50 2004
I am from Norseland, Silver Phoenix's next door neighbor this year. I loved this gate. We had a couple of children camping with us this year that can recite The Lord of the Rings. I made sure that they got to see it at night, before they were put to bed. The look in their eyes said it all. It was awesome, period or not. This coming from someone in a period encampment. I have a request for next year. You have done the Hobit entrance and the Mines of Moria. Please do something with the Viking style architecture & horse motif from Edoras... which of course would be so cool next to Norseland.
John Mac Steen:    Fri Oct 8 21:38:16 2004
Nice way to put the "period SS" in their place! lol
Hayley:    Sat Oct 16 23:41:25 2004
Oh this gate of moria is gorgeous, I can't imagine all the work it's talented crafters put in on it! Way to go, looks just like the one in the films! It glowed too? I wish I could have been at Pennsic to see it.  
Hayley ^_^
DeSuavé:    desuave_cristo{at} Fri Dec 17 21:57:11 2004
I absolutely love this gate! too hott!!!
Gwydion Caithnes:    donbernardo{at} Mon Jan 24 12:39:23 2005
Did you have to say "Mellon" in order to enter...? :-)  
Saw this while driving around on my public safety shift. What fun!
Herr Alexander Adelbrecht:    Lord{at} Mon Mar 14 17:16:02 2005
I must only say that I have not seen the gate first hand, but it is a very cool looking gate. In response to Effingham's post about the periodness of the gate, I must remind you that the First Gathering that became the SCA was not limited to Period persona.. but was in fact welcoming to all cultures of the Sword. The invite even included Faerie. If you don't believe me, you can see the Flyer made up for the event on the West Kingdom History Webpage. This is the URL:  
How do you like them Apples...  
Granted, over time, the organization has been incorporated as an Educational Organization with a specific area of study... but that was really more for the purpose of incorporation. The rest of the fantasy world still plays, but we don't officially sanction it. That doesn't mean that the founders would have any problem with it, just that the "purists" have issues with it... that means its our problem, not the SCA's.  
I will admit, I am a purist... I want the fantasy out and the history in... but I wont condemn those who still like the fantasy... after all, its all fantasy these days really.
Blue Sky Hawk:    belongs{at} Thu Apr 28 05:18:42 2005
I love the gate! I know its from the LOTR's, but even after a year, I drempt about this gate glowing,with a elfen queen sitting next to it on a throne. It was like a dejavue! I cant wait to see it!
Manfred Moyer:    Mon Aug 1 14:16:35 2005
It looks great. Period or not. I hope it will be up this year. Great work.

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