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Kayleigh McWhyte, East Kingdom:    Mon Aug 30 17:34:07 2004
I always love how Norseland's gates are carved.... Just gorgeous!
Effingham:    Tue Aug 31 05:47:43 2004
That's not a gate. That's ART.  
Isabeau:    Tue Aug 31 14:26:25 2004
I love this gate. I always feel like a stalker, because I make sure to walk by once a admire the worksmanship.
Thorwulfgaer Uvearkaller:    Thorwulfgaer{at} Fri Sep 10 00:37:16 2004
its nay just a gate or art,its our life.nothing pleases me more then looking at this gate and wondering when I go to Valhalla if this is what I will see,Odin keep the great people who did this fer many years to come!
VERMUNDr:    ryantoharry{at} Fri Sep 17 17:15:36 2004
'Tis by my Brother's hand,GREY CLOAK thatyea see such fine work.....!
Ellspeth Nadel:    Sun Jan 2 17:14:26 2005

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