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Colin Blackthorn:    colinblackthorn{at} Wed Sep 15 12:41:46 2004
That'd be Sir Jurgen on the left in the red cyclas, Lady Erica from Nordskogen just to the right, a few people I don't recognize, Count Tarrack with the green round shield, Sir Caydian looking very tall under the Northshield banner, and, kneeling at the far right, Sir Lars, wondering where his squire is.
Em:    Wed Sep 15 19:58:30 2004
Yep. Yay Northshield. Love my old Principality (soon to be kingdom) like a family. Tarrach is always fun to watch as he rallies the troops.
Sir Dirk:    Mon Jul 11 04:05:15 2005
Background, the white hand of Pentamere (Michigan). I see Sir Garth in his red battle tunic and some House Leonthas heraldry.

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