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Regina Romsey:    wandap{at} Mon Aug 30 20:53:22 2004
Absolutely Charming.
azhrde:    azhrde{at} Tue Aug 31 08:28:04 2004
What a precious photo! Great job, Valerie.
Daniel de Bonneval:    bonneval {at} Fri Sep 3 08:32:53 2004
This is Gabriel de Bonneval. He loves to play the drum!  
He lives in W20 where he can often be seen being chased by his parents!  
Another excellent picture Lady Viviane!  
Daniel de Bonneval  
Proud father of Gabriel
Lady Krista Silverlock:    Tue Sep 28 00:22:57 2004
Oh My Goodness!! TOOO adorable! Though I can only imagine being his parents... Good luck!
Countess Berengaria of Hythe:    Tue Sep 28 00:28:29 2004
I loved this picture sooo much I had to have it as a wallpaper for my computer because it makes me smile and laugh. Thank you for the giggles!

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