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Sorcha:    Sorka80{at} Mon Aug 30 16:15:55 2004
Wow! This is incredible.
Jasmine:    and1{at} Mon Aug 30 21:29:45 2004
If I had enough room in my car to take that much cool stuff...I would.
Isabeau:    Tue Aug 31 14:27:30 2004
Wow. I wonder if they stayed warm and dry
Katherine:    starsong_lady{at} Sat Jun 25 17:32:04 2005
where is this?? remind me to make friends!
Doubtful:    Wed Jul 20 09:19:46 2005
I could be wrong, but that looks to be a REALLY prettied up portable garage.  
At night or in less than ideal weather, they'd just put up the sides.  
Really nice adaption of the "Creative Anachronism" idea.

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