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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Thu Sep 9 17:54:53 2004
Other sayings on the sheet wall surrounding House Crossbow:  
"Baroness Deidre and Master Ailean"  
"Two Bows, No Waiting. Arrow Wounds Gladly Made Or Mended."  
"Ouse Hay Rossbow Kay at Ome Hay"  
"Rex Bellum Ellows Bay" (King blows war horn, house departs for Pennsic... the whole sheet wall is a spoof of the Bayeaux Tapestry; the wall was made by Master Ailean, many moons ago)  
"We can shoot them with a bow  
We can shoot them high and low  
We can shoot them from the moat  
We can shoot out of a boat  
We can't stick them with a sword  
So we'll bash them with a board  
"With a rapier we will stick them  
Or with foils we will prick them  
We can shoot them with a bolt  
That will give their nerves a jolt  
If we shoot them high and low  
Their demise could be too slow  
So we'll make them die real fast  
And just shoot them in the  
"We can shoot them near and far  
We can shoot them from a car  
"We can shoot them here or there  
We can kill most anywhere  
With crossbows or recurves  
We can deaden cranial nerves  
We are archers in the know  
We're known as House Crossbow."  

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