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Kayleigh McWhyte:    secretscribe1{at} Thu Sep 9 17:39:59 2004
Scenes from the sheet wall of House Crossbow:  
(sayings across the tops of the different sheets)  
-Types of Archery Shoots-  
* Warlords Nostrum (Warlord Tourney)  
* Out Clay (Clout)  
* Iend Fray Oe Fay (Friend-Foe)  
* Upid Say Oldiers Say (Advancing Warrior)  
Oh Gay Ome Hay (Go Home) - scene of different members going home on viking ships.  
And I have no idea why there's a yellow submarine at the bottom or a golden moose at the top. :-D
Gudrun:    Tue Sep 28 07:36:48 2004
I see Barney! O.O

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