Photos by: Lidiya Lijovich de Ragusa


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Jaya Wronghand:    Wed Sep 1 14:06:17 2004
That's Rufus of House Clovenshield all in black on the left, behind the Eight Arrows shield.
daithi mor maccyrnan:    daithi{at} Thu Sep 2 09:26:59 2004
This is the 2nd bridge battle, I can see Meduseld at the top of the picture walking off after securing our bridge by the usual "suicide shock troop" method. This is also the battle that I got my shin all torn up by someone wearing spurs. Unfortunately, I never identified who it was.
Jaya Wronghand:    Fri Sep 3 06:18:26 2004
Oh, and that's Master Alaric of House Clovenshield in the white baldric on the far right.
Gabrielle:    Sat Sep 11 12:39:32 2004
Aren't those Sir Tanaka's calves up front, watching the battle?

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