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Darter the Chronicler:    Mon Aug 30 12:49:38 2004
Thatís my little one! This was her first Pennsic in which she stayed for longer than a day. She loved it! I recall that she kept flirting with a certain young boy at this dinner party! OH NO! No boys!! Not yet! Iím not ready for the stress!!!!!!! UGHHHHH
Karrah:    Mon Aug 30 21:33:43 2004
Oops.. my arm is in the pic..  
silly me all flailing around like a maniac and not nkowing pics were occurring!
Greggery the Beerded:    Sat Sep 4 20:04:57 2004
I'd say you're in trouble, man. She's a really beautiful girl.
Solange` de Felidae :    Tue Sep 7 12:21:12 2004
Not to worry he was a very nice young lad of 12... I saw him later in the week as he was lost at the feild battle and I helped him find his mom...when he saw Jessie he gave her a big hug and went to throw wepons with her. She was just thrilled! Ahhh!! inocents at Pennsic... it was sweet.
John Mac Steen:    Tue Oct 5 13:28:06 2004
Och aye, m'laird Chronicler, she'll brak mony a heart!

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