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Ryan McWhyte:    Fri Sep 3 10:32:13 2004
I do believe the gentle in the middle is the son of the viceroy of ostgardr whos' Scadaian name escapes me at the moment.  
The person standing in the blue and white scalemail is one of the new fighters for AnDubh who's name also escapes me.  
and That's Cashmir (spelling i dunno) in the green and whihte facing away from us in the upper right.
Kayleigh McWhyte:    Thu Sep 16 04:22:04 2004
That'd be Kasmir, darling. ;)  
--Your Other Half
Luis de Castilla:    luisdecastilla{at} Fri Sep 24 08:25:33 2004
Yep the one in the Green and white is My Sword brother Kazimir(GO EAST). The Gentle is Mitchell the Viceroy's son.
Redric:    benjamin09613{at} Sat Jan 29 14:08:10 2005
Can I please be the first to say to Kasmir...  

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