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Rhys:    ryskien{at} Sat Sep 4 11:56:32 2004
Kneeling, adjusting his shield is Ivarr, while beyond him in the red/black plaid kilt is Argyl, behind Argyl is Ulfr, all of the Band of the Red Hand. No idea who the redhead is with the polearm, but I wish I had seen her that day.
Roomie:    Sat Sep 4 12:30:09 2004
The Battlemaiden with the polearm was my focus of this pic, I just didn't want to be too obvious. ;o)
Minimal Greypanther:    Tue Sep 7 11:28:33 2004
The Red Haired Wench is Bajera,  
she is one of many who belong to  
Kobar the Ubar of Tuchux!
skidxray:    Tue Sep 28 19:41:35 2004
Is that Minimal's back side center px?

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