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Dulcinaya The 'Gypcian:    paintedwheel{at} Wed Sep 1 20:16:52 2004
Wow, she's so pretty!  
Ates:    Wed Sep 1 20:22:35 2004
i met this lady at one of the stick danceing classes. she was nice enough to pose during a break in the rain. i thought the outfit was just too cute.
Solange' De Felidae:    Sun Nov 21 09:10:36 2004
now this woman is the very definition of stunning. She is the kind of beautiful that makes men suck in thier guts and woman try to run the other way and hide in shame. I should know I saw her on the road and wished I was having a better hair day ( there was no were to run and my compliments to a beautiful woman.
Felix of Black Skull:    Tue Nov 30 08:27:16 2004
Her name was Dawn, though I think she may have taken a new one recently.
DeSuavé:    desuave_cristo{at} Wed Dec 8 22:39:52 2004
Aye...I was standing just besides her as this picture was taken. Beautiful young woman. And i'm not mistaken, she had the most captivating eyes!
Harvey of House of the Animal:    Sun Jan 30 14:17:55 2005
I had the pleasure of drumming for this beautiful woman many times in 2004. she is as graceful as she is beautiful!!!

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