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Ates:    Thu Sep 2 03:11:25 2004
girls at the dance expo.
Cherish McGroyne / Samira Shuruk:    Sat Sep 4 04:06:25 2004
fabulous blossoming young tribal troupe - this pic looks possibly daytime- but they also performed in the night time expo
Ates:    Sat Sep 4 23:35:34 2004
i didnt know there was a daytime expo also. this one was taken at the daytime one
Ates:    Sat Sep 4 23:36:33 2004
oops! corrected sentance:  
i didnt know there was a nighttime expo also. this one was taken at the daytime one  
KAMFA fan:    Sun Sep 5 21:57:55 2004
Yup, these ladies (Kamfa) are fantastic... they choreographed the first week and performed it the second, all by themselves! They danced at the normal daytime expo, then at Cure Salee.. a small dance performance with selected troupes at night, and at the Turku show... and maybe even a few more places that I missed... busy, busy!

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