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D'ner:    bill.hohman{at} Mon Aug 30 16:47:29 2004
iss'at Richard?
Mael Ruain:    kgdowling{at} Fri Sep 3 08:33:17 2004
The Song of Murigheal, Pennsic XXXIII  
A toast to Lady Murigheal,  
A great one we did gain,  
So soon upon arriving here,  
She is our Chatelaine.  
She sewed her garb and moved her goods,  
And went to Pennsic war,  
And quickly then her legend grew  
Into Gwyntarian lore.  
A few short weeks before the war,  
With armor, sword and shield,  
And four short hours of lessons,  
Her authorizer was killed.  
Camping with the Outlanders,  
She found so little to do,  
I▓ll try to find enough breath,  
To list it all for you.  
The Midrealm put out the call  
For many volunteers,  
So Murigheal gave her time and help  
More than some do in years.  
An Assistant Chiurgeon,  
At Security and Troll,  
Assisting with the Chatelaines,  
Waterbearing she did as well.  
She also fought the squires and knights  
To practice for the field,  
In battle saving her Baron,  
To spear thrust she did yield.  
For all her work and all her play  
Her first year paid the price  
Outlanders did make her pay  
Their virgin sacrifice.  
So a toast to Lady Murigheal,  
A great one we did gain,  
We▓ll award her with a song and cheer  
And hope one day she'll reign.
Kristopher Dowling:    kgdowling{at} Sun Sep 12 10:53:24 2004
BTW, the poem was written by my Lady Elizabeth.

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