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Bridgette MacLean - AEthelmearc:    ms154{at} Wed Sep 1 08:43:30 2004
Our very own Melissa the Loud. With trusty hurdy gurdy... FYI, I'm still working on the marmot.
Karl of Beckenham:    perron{at} Wed Sep 1 17:54:19 2004
My fave musician this year by far; anyone know if she has CD's?
Melissa the Loud:    mijwiz{at} Sun Sep 5 11:55:16 2004
The CD is getting closer to reality. I'm recording September 15 in a really good studio, so Bridgette, the deadline for the marmot is around October.
Iona:    morgothcoffeebean{at} Mon Sep 6 08:16:23 2004
wow my lady melissa! your music is wonderful! You were definitely the best street performer I have seen at pennsic. Rest assured that I will be purchasing mass quantities of your cd when it is finished! :-)
Julienne Marguerite La Grande:    sandilonglegs{at} Wed Sep 8 18:40:31 2004
Lady Melissa, I never tired of sitting there listening to you playing no matter when I would happen upon you playing. Please let me know when the CD comes sale here, for sure.  
Suzanne and Peter:    Suzanne_Peter{at} Fri Sep 10 00:09:12 2004
As soon as the CD becomes available, we're giving copies to all our musician friends here in Switzerland. They'll learn what beauty can be created by a musician who really understands her instrument. The next productions should be CDs in which Melissa plays her many other instruments, and then a belly-dance instruction video. We can hardly wait.
Ratanavati bai:    Tue May 31 14:33:55 2005
If I have it my way..Melissa the loud will be playing for us at the east kingdom party..

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