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Phaelen MacLear:    dpf1{at} Wed Oct 6 08:58:54 2004
I can say that's a member of Galatia from the Markland army followed a couple guys back by a member of Anglesey.
Lux:    Crimson_ghost333{at} Wed Feb 2 09:12:14 2005
that's skeletor, former warlord of markland and one of the leaders of Galatia. he was one of the people who helped to train me when i first started fighting.
Phaelen MacLear:    dpf1{at} Fri Mar 4 11:22:54 2005
You know, Skeletor helped train me too. Though I never did end up jumping around like a drunken monkey like he does.
Mor Grendel:    morgrendel{at} Mon Apr 4 11:13:02 2005
Hello All,  
Actually, that is Loki of Galatia leading the way. We just got to the battle in time, as vehicles were not allowed near the field. While Skeletor (Ahrimen) is on the mend, we plan to run some special training sessions, if your interested.

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