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Rhiryd ap Gwerstan:    rcfaevans{at} Wed Sep 1 15:59:41 2004
The third field battle. All of the East's Combat Archers formed up on the left. I am the on the right, foregound in the barrel-helm and blue and white Storvik taberd. The archers advanced in mass behind the main battle line. When the battle settled down and it became a spear duel, the archers began their deadly work...  
Jaya Wronghand:    Fri Sep 3 06:06:38 2004
Isn't that Carrion from Confed in the short white gambeson with blue trim and the blonde ponytail?
Fayrarmful Tangwystl:    Sat Mar 26 03:03:44 2005
Found 80 pages (1197) Pennsic 2004 pictures at:  
Some good close-ups there.. Good pictures here too...

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