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Kisan McGroyne:    kittenkatt{at} Wed Sep 1 08:22:15 2004
That formidable looking gentleman on guard at Vlad's Slave Auction is Rune of Timberwolfe Household. (hi dad!)
Jericho the Red:    Wed Sep 1 19:03:11 2004
I'd do him...
Jericho the Red:    Wed Sep 1 19:04:21 2004 least twice....
Kyuss:    Mon Sep 6 06:46:36 2004
Oh my God, Dad, put on some clothes!
Cherish McGroyne / Samira Shuruk:    Mon Sep 6 06:47:56 2004
Wow, who's hot redhead? Oh, he's taken by that other hot redhead.
Veddy Interesting:    Thu Sep 9 06:28:23 2004
Don't be puttin' on some clothes on our account!
Kyndasorta:    deajavu{at} Wed Sep 15 10:00:02 2004
is he for sale?
Sarnac:    Thu Sep 16 18:47:11 2004 married him... it doesnt count if you marry them!!!
Avery the Farseeing:    Sun Aug 7 21:56:06 2005
My compliments to the lady who married this one. He is sooooo appetizing.

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